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I pretend to be an "advanced amateur", and shot B&W prints either in 120 or 135 formats.

I successfully use Kodak T-MAX 100 and T-Max 400 films, and print my images on a condenser enlarger (a Durst M605) with a Componon 6-elements lens.

When I started using T-MAX, I tested the films with T-MAX developer and HC-110 dilution B. I choose HC-110, because it allowed me to obtain consistent results at 200C and the lower contrast needed to correctly print the images in a condenser enlarger.

However, I obtain the best results using a (N) development time shorter than 5 minutes, with both films exposed for a sensitivity index slower by 1-stop respect to the nominal (50 ASA for the T-MAX 100, 200 ASA for the T-MAX 400).

The time is obviously a little too short, and I'd like to use a greater dulution in order to obtain a development time in the order of 10 minutes, that would help me to achieve even more consistent results. Moreover, due to the short dev time, (N-1) development can't be successfully achieved.

Even if I understand that anyone of us is jealous of his (her) developing techniques, I would be grateful to receive some help about the following issues:

- suggested development times referred to HC-110 dilutions E and F with T-MAX films.

- suggestions in using different developers (perhaps XTol or Rodinal ?) with T-MAX films printed on a condenser enlarger. Suggested development times are - obviously - welcome.

Tanks in advance to everyone that will reply.


-- Anonymous, April 04, 1997


T-Max film Developer

I too use a condenser enlarger and running into too short a development time was a problem. I used to use both HC-110 (B) and T-Max developer with T-Max film, but wihen Xtol came out I switched to that since it give a wide range of dilutions and development times along with excellent results. However, it's best to check this out yourself. Download the file from Kodak on Xtol at: This is 12 pages of very usefull information.


-- Anonymous, April 04, 1997

First suggestion-try a different developer. T-Max films were tested by Kodak mainly with D-76 and the TMax Developers were formulated specifically for them. Try using the TMax or RS for sheet film at weaker dilutions. I use Ilford ID11 with TMax 100 in 4x5 & 5x7 regularly, diluted 1:3, with 75 degre times in a Jobo processor of 11 to 18 min, depending on + or - development. Good shadow detail and negs that print on my particular enlarger set up easily. You will have to test a bit, but with your enlarger it shouldn't be much trouble to dial it in. Just be sure of one thing-CONSISTENCY. TMax films go off the charts if you process while crissing your eyes(it seems so) or with any deviation. They are pro films and need consistent technique to get the best from them. Look at John Sexton work & see what they are capable of.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 1997

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