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I have been developing T-MAX sheet film in T-MAX developer for years now with excellent results. Now I read in a recent issue of 'Photo Techniques' magazine that the RS version of the developer is the only one that should be used for sheet film. I know that in the info-sheet packed w/ the film that RS is the recommended developer, but Ansel Adams once stated in one of his books, that replenishment-type developers should be avoided and that he only recommended 'one-shot' type developers. As I said, I have had excellent results w/ the regular T-MAX. Can switching to the RS really make any difference? Thank-you for your advice....Ron

-- Anonymous, April 04, 1997


I just "discovered" this RS vs. regular Tmax recommendation. Kodak says non RS with sheet film may result in a black streaking, although I have never seen it (Jobo drum processing).

In regards to replenishing....I just use the volume I need and chuck it. A gallon of mixed RS will last me a long time, so I don't care to hassle with replenishing, as the solution is likely to go bad before I use it all. Thus it is for me "one shot".

Can't say I've noticed a difference, but I just switched to RS. Did you notice a difference?

-- Anonymous, July 11, 1997

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