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I am a college student in a B&W photography course. I recently had to shoot an assignment which required us to shoot photos of stop action, panning, and one in which the subject was blured (not the background). I had trouble shooting this assignment. My pictures were too blured and not of good quality. My question is: How can these shots be taken so that one can get the best shots possible?

-- Anonymous, March 30, 1997


Practice, practice, practice. Talent doesn't hurt either. Be ready to burn a lot of film learning. But practice, don't believe everything you hear and analyze your results and figure out what did & didn't work-and WHY. It takes a lot more than one or two assignments. I have shot everything from F-1 autos & motorcycles to Nascar to Indy Car to Soap Box Derby to Pinewood Derby. Practice, know your equipment better than your lover, and practice, practice, practice. (have a big trash can & use it too)

-- Anonymous, April 09, 1997

"Action Shots"

Dear Jeff,

It is assumed you have completed your assignment by now. Nevertheless, I'd suggest that you use a fastest shutterspeed possible under the lighting condition and anticipate the peek of the action when you should shoot. In a panning shot...start framing your subject from about 45 degrees and shoot with a relatively slow shutter speed say 1/15 sec. trip shutter when the subject is infront and follow thru the action until about 45 degrees. It is relatively easier to freeze movement that is moving diagonally or towards or away from you than one that is moving across..say left to right or vice versa.

I hope this could help.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 1997

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