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Hi, I'm relativily new to this photography thing and I have one concern which is unavoidable in my situation. The facilities at my university darkrooom are far from perfect. More specifically there is no calcium filter on the water supply and the water is very hard. As a result there are tiny calcium stains on the negative which are very hard to detect throught examination of the negative, but have a significant impact when making a print. Is there anything that can be done, aside from a calcium filter of course, that can help reduce the stains when washing the film in the developing process.

Thank You Matt Chaffe

-- Anonymous, March 25, 1997



The easiest way to avoid those calcium stains that plague us here in the Guelph to Kitchener area is to soak the negatives in a dilute solution of "photo-flo" for about a minute after your final rinse. After the photo-flo bath just squegee and hang the film normally.

Regards, Dave Gosnell

-- Anonymous, March 27, 1997

See the last answer to the previous question regarding dry marks on negatives.

-- Anonymous, August 06, 1997

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