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Any recommendations ??

I'm studing portrait photography at college and I am trying to get the best from my portfolio.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 1997


Your selection of print papers will depend on the effect you want. I prefer an Ilford multigrade fiber based paper for most of what I print. Some of my friends rave about the new Ilford warm-tone printing paper. The results I've seen from it are very warm and friendly looking, but I still prefer, overall, cold tones.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 1997

Dave, thanks for a reply.

I have been using Ilford Multigrade RC up until now. I recently bought some warm-tone and will try this. However, I've since read that 'warmth' of paper is also dependant on which type of paper developer is used.

Any thoughts/discussions in this area ?????

Regards, Nigel

-- Anonymous, July 30, 1997

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