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I want to try the 9% of sodium sulfite solution in FG-7 but is there a easy way to convert 45 grams to some easy reference? In other words... If you put 45 grams of sodium sulfite in a Kodak plastic 35mm container would that be about it? Any handy reference would be appriciated.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 1997


Sodium Sulfite


I use sodium sulfite in my hypo and have found the following measurements to be reliable.

One level tablespoon of Sodium Sulfite weighs 22.8 grams. One level teaspoon weighs 7.6 grams.


-- Anonymous, March 20, 1997


The simpleway to come up with 45 grams is to take one of those small graduates ( 6oz ) and bring the sulfate to a level line on the 1 oz mark. that was recommended in one of the old FG-7 sheeets that was tied by a string to the old brown bottle.I have used it for years this way and never had a prolem. good luck FG-7 is one of the most versitile developers on the market to day.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 1997

Terry, I use the FG7 w/sulfite all the time. I use a plain old shotglass up to the 1 oz line! Be sure to wash the glass before your next tequilla party!

-- Anonymous, November 17, 1998

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