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I just got word that Kodak has introduced a chromogenic black-and-white film, called T-Max T400 CN. For those who don't know, chromogenic film is monochromatic film that is processed in standard C-41 color chemistry.

According to Kodak, the film's dye image stays neutral in color even when it's over or underexposed, so it can be printed on regular color paper and it won't look toned. This should give Ilford XP-2 a run for its money.

If anyone knows more (or has tried the stuff), please share!


-- Anonymous, March 17, 1997


I manage a Wal-Mart one hour photo lab and have tested this film on my equipment. Unlike XP2, this film has an orange negative cast similar to regular color negs. My first couple of rolls came out really quite close to true black and white, without any tinkering with my filtration. Wal-Mart HQ has announced that we will be getting negative channel setup info soon, so we should be up and running on this film shortly. I like it better than XP2 so far. Hope tghis helps.

Dave Williams Kansas City.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 1997


I just got back my first roll of TN400CN last week.

It does have an orange cast but since I haven't put it into the enlarger I don't know what effect the orange cast will have.

On the other hand, inspecting the negatives with a light table and loupe I see lots of detail. I think I'll set the meter for 200 for the next roll and try some of the same subjects again.

Neat stuff but I still prefer the look of Plus-X and Tri-X for most stuff.


-- Anonymous, August 01, 1997

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