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I am interested in doing artistic nudes. Not the kind that would be found in Playboy, but I am interested in looking at shapes and textures. How do I do I find people willing to do this (women)?

-- Anonymous, March 12, 1997


Re: nudes

Adam, I know exactly where you are coming from. I also enjoy trying to acheive the most beautiful print using the human form. What I have had to do is photograph friends. They know you well enough to 'trust' you and will feel more comfortable being unclothed around you. If you do not have any close friends that are willing to pose for you, you can also try running an ad in your local "flea-market" paper. State in the ad that you are a student of photography and are searching for willing models, and if you have no money to pay, say you will be willing to do several finished (mounted) professional prints for their personal use. Many would be models who are trying to break into the modeling world, and can't afford a 'professional' portfolio, might like a chance to get free photos for posing. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, April 04, 1997

I have found several figure models on the 'net. You might want try going to one of the workshops on figure photography so you can get a few samples to show models. I find it is not so hard to get figure models if you can show them you know what you are doing.

Check out my work at: http;//

Most of the models shown there I could put you in touch with.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 1997

Greetings...I am an experienced and professional fine art figure model who is currently located in Western Colorado. Please visit my site for images, stats, and other info. Thanks!


-- Anonymous, July 01, 1997

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