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Was reciently at a gallery and while speaking with the photographer and commenting on how unique some of his prints were. He explained that he used texture screens to gain certin effects. Has anyone seen or used these? I asked where he got his, and he could not remember as he has had them for 30+ years. Thanks JC

-- Anonymous, March 12, 1997


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I've seen these screens in photo shops that carry decent inventories of used equipment. One shop, I recall, was Fred's Camera in Beloit, WI but I would think you could order screens from one of the mail-order giants.

I have never used these screens, although some of the textures (burlap, canvas, reeds) seemed interesting and the halftone screens might be useful in printing for newsletters/brochures etc.

Good luck and please post your results!


-- Anonymous, March 13, 1997

Texture screens are commercially made. The best place to start would be a photo shop. The only manufacturer I know about (and I'm not sure they are still in business) is: Texturefects 7557 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90046

I'm sorry I don't have a phone number.

You can do your own. Take any translucent or tansparent material and lay it over the paper when you make your print.


-- Anonymous, March 14, 1997

Texturefects address is 498 N. Mcpherson, Fourt Bragg, CA. 95437 1-800- 477-4741 I use a 16x20 overlay texture screen called Cracquelure. They are pricy but work well. You can adjust the amount of texture effect by giving part of the exposure with out the texture screen and part of the exposure with the screen.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 1997

Jay: Thanks for the info on Texturefects. Called them and they were quite nice. They have about 10 different styles. Pricy to say the least, $150.00 for 1-16/20. I am sure they are very nice and of excelent quality, but I think I will keep looking.

Thanks Again: John

-- Anonymous, April 01, 1997

Just read this and if you happen to check back here texture screens can be purchased from Porters. They have 2 sets of 4 screens @ $11.95 per set. Dick

-- Anonymous, July 21, 1997

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