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I was looking at Kodak's web site and their table of Black-and-White Films where they list all the applications for their films. Under the listing of 'Fine Art' all panchromatic films were checked except two: Verichrome Pan and T-Max 400. T-Max 100, T-Max 3200, and Tri-X were checked, but not TMY 400.

Does anyone have any insight as to why this is?

-- Anonymous, March 09, 1997


That's very interesting since I use both for "fine art" work. Verichrome Pan was created as a film for box cameras and it has great latitude. You can expose it in many different ways and not hurt it. You can be two stops off and have no problem with it. It does not have a retouching tooth on the emulsion, but that's no problem if you don't have to retouch. T-Max 400 is great film. I have done three travelling exhibits using this film. You can enlarge it from a 2 1/4 negative to 20 by 24 for exhibitions with no problems. There is no reason you can't use either film for "fine art" photography, despite what Kodak thinks.

-- Anonymous, March 11, 1997

TMZ 400

You're right, it is excellent film. It is now my standard b&w film. The omission by Kodak is strange, but it's possible it's a typo.


-- Anonymous, March 11, 1997

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