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I would like to hear from anyone who has Used the Nova Washer, made in England. They have out a model ( Academy) that let's you put in wash aid in one or two of the slots. It was recommended in an article in Photo techniques. Another model I am considering is the ECOWash from Cachet that was Designed by Oriental. I have the Patterson with the Plunger Action and I'm starting to go nuts with it as it's hard to control and the prints pop up. I'm doing high output and find that the continued adjustment needed by the Patterson is costing too much time and noise fatigue caused by the pulse action that agitates the prints.

-- Anonymous, March 07, 1997


I used Patterson washers many years ago and they were junk then. Sounds like they haven't changed.I use the narrow, 5 slot Nova Washmaster and love it. I'm sure their larger models are also good, I just didn't have the room for a wide model. Any of the major name brands will probably do the job, though this new Nova model with slots for hypo clear really sounds attractive. Good luck in your selection!-Fred

-- Anonymous, March 11, 1997

I just got a Cachet Ecowasher because it uses much less water than other models. I'm not yet sure that I did the right thing. The dividers are smooth, so that prints can stick to them. The instructions say that it is OK because fixer will diffuse through the paper, but I am skeptical. Testing will tell. If necessary I will replace the dividers with ones cut from fluorescent light diffusers, which should work. Incidentally, the assembly instructions are terrible.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1997

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