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I have a Jobo CPE-2 on it's way. (const. speed 75/min) I currently use stainless steel tanks and agitation of 5 sec every 30. I currently use Xtol 1:2 @75F (agit. 5sec every 30) If I keep dev, film & temp the same, what percentage of my original times might I use as a start for testing? Thanks for any suggest!-Fred

-- Anonymous, March 04, 1997


What film, Fred? Kodak recommends 7min, 50sec with TMax 400, 8min, 50sec with TMax 100. I have found their recommended times to be pretty close. You can download a table from their web site . Look up XTol - Table 3 gives times for a rotary processor with dilutited XTol. Good luck, I know you'll like your Jobo! Tina

-- Anonymous, March 05, 1997

Thanks for the reply! I have Kodak pub 107, small tank & tray dev. I forgot there were others for rotary processing. I call Kodaks Fax-back number and get pub 108. Thanks again!-Fred

-- Anonymous, March 05, 1997

Run some test rolls, Fred. Asking for advice from all the world while none of us shoot as you do, use your water and gear is pretty much useless. Don't rely on all of us except for a 'guess source' as a starting point. Test & develop what works for you.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 1997

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