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When using variable contrast paper and a Superchromega enlarger what filtration settings are equivalent to multigrade filters?

-- Anonymous, February 22, 1997


dichroic head

Not exactly sure where my husband found it, but be got an Ilford Multigrade Filter to Dichroic Filter Conversion Factors chart off the Web. He searched either Ilford's homepage: or through Alta Vista under filter conversions.

Good luck, mary

-- Anonymous, February 28, 1997

I use Ilford papers, and the sheet that comes packaged with the paper has conversion tables for a variety of enlargers.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1997

Jonathon, I would suggest that when you have made the Technology leap from graded papers to multigrade, in combination with a dichroic or variable-filtration enlarger, that you altogether Forget about paper grades. Use your magenta and yellow as part of your new `paintbrush' selection. Of course you will keep notes, for repeatability, but don't let the Old grading system in any way get in the way of exploring and creating photographic art. Mike

-- Anonymous, December 07, 1997

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