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Has anyone used a pen called a' pigma pen'. Is it archival? I use it only on some RC material when asked to sign by a client. I really don't like to do that as I'm not sure if the selenium has added to the life of the RC material and how long will that in fact be. If the"pigma pen" is Archival can it be used on FB prints directly or the mount board. I use a pencil as do many others but it looks so weak. If your going to have your signature on something let it show some character or else hide it on the back. pencils to me were for correcting work and making changes to your work. We have an archival print with pencil at the bottom that looks like it wants to be rubbed out. Love to hear some IDEAS. SHL

-- Anonymous, February 21, 1997


To me signing a mounted print just below the lower right hand corner of the print on the mounting board in pencil is an esthetic thing. And in the tradition of an Adams, Weston, etc., etc. Dell

-- Anonymous, February 22, 1997

The signing of prints has been discussed in our camera club. I have some prints that I signed in gold on the print. As I look back on this I strongly feel it is tacky. I much prefer to sign the prints on the just below the print on the matt using a pencil or other fine point insturment in either silver or gold, depending on the print.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 1997

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