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I am new to b&w photography. Does any one know any good and reasonably priced mail order develpers of black & white film?

-- Anonymous, February 19, 1997


A continuation of James' question: Does anyone know of a good mail-order place for Ilford's XP-2 film? I would rather not be forced to bring it to a custom lab - despite the fine results. I'm trying to keep my costs down. Dalmation can't do it, Seattle Filmworks won't do it... wil anyone do a good job with XP-2?

-- Anonymous, February 24, 1997

to vicki above, find a college--hell, your a student! check out the campus paper. I couldn't afford photo class because of the hundreds of $ cost. Instead i take pics for the newspaper, get trained, access to darkroom, free film, free developing, and paid $10 a shot that gets in. a very happy photographer :) (really ask the photo editor if you could tag along once!)

-- Anonymous, March 07, 1997

If you guys want good B&W printing you have 2 options. Do it yourself or use a good custom lab. Either way you pay the price-in time or money. You don't get something for nothing-it doesn't work that way. As for XP2, have the local one hour lab process the negs and print the darn things yourself. How many images on a roll do you actually enlarge? Make a contact sheet & learn to read it. Then print your work to meet your standards.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 1997

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