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I have a Paterson Universal tank which can accomodate up to two reels loaded with 35mm film. I have not had any problems with this tank when I've used it to develop a single roll, but when I tried doing two I ended up with spots on some of the negatives. Have others experienced this problem? Does this have to do with the method of agitation? I have been using inversion. Is it better to use the little "spinner"? Thanks.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 1997


Response to "Negative spots"

If you're doing inversion agitation (the best way to agitate, IMHO), be sure to tap the tank a few times before putting it back down. That will release any air bubbles that might form when you've turned the tank over.

Hope this helps!

-- Anonymous, February 09, 1997

I've had the same problem with spots and Patterson tanks. I rap the tank on the counter after filling it, and after each agitation. I use the spinner to agitate rather than inversion. Generally this solves the problem. However, I have also pre-wetted the film first (also rapping the tank) and then adding developer with proper agitation and rapping. Hope this works for you.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 1997

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-- Anonymous, February 14, 1997

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