Flattening prints

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I take it you are referring to fiber base prints since RC prints usually remain pretty flat. I have never completely understood why some (fiber base) prints have more curl than others. What has worked well for me is to use two pieces of 100% rag board and place them on a perfectly flat surface and place the print or prints in a perfect stack between the two pieces of rag board. Then place a fairly heavy object that is flat and covers the entire rag board on top. I have found it works best if the print or prints are still slightly damp, not still wet. I found it helped to air dry the prints on a wooden frame with plastic window screen tacked to it. The prints placed face down. I always hoped the plastic screen did not contaminate the prints and never saw any indication of it. I found the longer you leave the print in the sandwich under weight the better the flattening. A day or even two works good. Dell

-- Anonymous, January 30, 1997

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