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I enjoy going through this site's Top Ten sites every month; and I have a question about the written summaries that accompany each listing. I've seen some work characterized as "mature" and some as "young," and I wonder, what is it about someone's work that makes it seem either mature or young? Something specific, or just a feeling? And how much does it have to do with the maturity of the website itself? (This question is open to anyone who regularly looks at the Top Ten sites; not only the person that writes the summary.)

- Regan

-- Anonymous, January 30, 1997


That's a great question--thanks for asking!

When I call someone's work "young," it is a kind of shorthand to describe work that is very good but has potential to be even better. I include such work because I think it's really great to watch emerging visions develop. If you have the time or inclination, you might want to visit those "young" sites in a year or two and see if/how they've changed. The web gives us an unprecedented opportunity to see artists evolve.

"Mature" work, IMHO, reflects a well-developed point of view. Mind you, this has nothing to do with age or how long the artist has been active--artistic maturity can come at an early age, or it can take a lifetime to achieve.

Do I look for something specific? No, as you suggest, a lot of it is just a gut reaction--a feeling.

The terms are not related to the age or look of a website, however.

I hope this helps!


-- Anonymous, January 30, 1997

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