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Shortly after Modern Photography folded, I had some discussions with Peter Moore (we worked together at Modern) about starting a magazine about Black and White photography. It was a dream for both of us, but we never quite got it together.

Peter passed away in 1994, of a heart attack. At the time he was doing what he loved most--walking the streets of New York with a Leica in his hand. He was also in the midst of a personal comeback, with exhibits of his best work--of the avant garde art movement in the 60's being displayed around the world.

Peter Moore was a friend and a mentor. We spent many lunch hours doing street photography together, then go over each others' contact sheets. In him I found a kindred spirit. When he died, it was like a death in the family--and I still miss him.

The dream of a black and white magazine never died, though. When the Web made publishing easy and cheap, the idea went digital, and Black and White World was born. It has since become one of the most highly regarded sites of its kind in the photographic on-line world.

So I owe Peter a debt of gratitude. This forum is dedicated to his memory.

-- Anonymous, January 22, 1997


There is nothing that equals the love of a friend

-- Anonymous, October 30, 1997

I only knew Peter Moore through his columns in Modern Photography and later, PhotoPro. He writing was always distinguished by common sense,conciseness, a helpful spirit, and a deep and easily discernible love for photography. I miss him keenly, even though I never met him.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 1998

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