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Welcome to the Black and White World Forum! This is a new discussion group created especially for visitors to Black and White World and anyone else who is interested in any facet of black and white photography.

To those who've been listed in B&W World: feel free to to publicize updates and changes in your websites here. Because of my busy schedule these days, I don't always get to put updates on the site with appropriate speed, so consider this an alternative.

To everyone else: let's form a little community here. Feel free to discuss sites on the top ten (even criticize the choices), technical stuff, questions and answers, etc. In other words, anything goes!

I only request two rules: no commercial postings--they will be deleted--and please keep the discourse on a civilized level. No flames, and please avoid obscenities (whatever your definition of obscenity is).

So start a thread. Ask questions. State your opinions. Let's make this an interesting and fun forum!


-- Anonymous, January 22, 1997

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