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Hi, I have started modifying Shinohara HO code 70 turnouts to be DCC friendly as preparation for installation of DCC and will be power routing the frogs. I am going to be using Tortoise switch machines, but don't really want to open them up to modify the contacts. Microswitches are pretty cheap, so I was thinking of using them to power route the frog instead of using the Tortoise's internal contacts. Would this be okay? My RR is an ON30 simple shelf switching layout with a total of 8 turnouts and turntables at each end. Thankyou, regards David.

-- David Moss (, March 15, 2005


Short answer: Yes...Using a microswitch makes a lot of sense.

Longer answer: "Microswitch" is a registered brand name, so be careful about using that particular word...But we all know what you mean. Look at the Omron brand type SS miniature series basic snap switches in the Digi-Key catalog ( p/n SS-10GL13T can be mounted to the front of a Tortiose machine w/ short screws so that the actuating mechanism depresses the switch lever as it swivels. Make a drilling template. Drill & tap holes for 2-56 screws. Adjust the shape of the switch lever AND the position of Tortoise under the turnout throwbar so that it clicks near mid travel. Wire up the frog using 0.110 quick-connect/fast-on connectors from Digi-Key or the local hardware store. This low cost SPDT switch is rated for 10 amp service.

-- Don Vollrath (, March 15, 2005.

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