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I was saddened to read and see the news of the disgruntled and depressed member of a small flock create so much havoc during his church worship service. It appears that a deep doctrinal difference caused this church to split some years earlier. Additionally, comments made by the pastor during a recent sermon caused the shooter to respond through violent means. His anger pushed him to the extreme. Two years ago...we were saddened with the shooting of our friend and brother in Atlanta...killed in church before church school. With these and other incidents in mind, I am beginning to see the need for security within the church. Recently, there have been persons interupting worship by shouting out threats and cursing out loud. One of these persons cursed out an eleven year girl who was assisting in the fellowship hall during our monthly fellowship breakfast. The young girl was cursed out after she politely asked if our visitor was finished eating her breakfast. We are now considering having an off duty security person present on the grounds during worship. The safety of the membership must be weighed and considered. It will be costly, but there will be some peace of mind. What are your sentiments concerning the recent events?

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2005


Ray, let me thank you for raising this important issue. Although i am not based in the US but in Zambia the real Africa(17th), let me attempt to add a few lines to this thread.

The 9/11 incident led me to conclude that terrorist activites can take place anywhere including the church. This calls for a deliberate move to guarantee the sefatey of clergy and parishoners. Believe you me,a church with incidences of violent shooting and uproars and fights cannot attract but repel would be new members. While i know that the church is supposed to be an ideal place for disgruntled and depressed members, because it for such as those that Jesus came,we have to be careful as we deal with them and their uniqe problems.

The following will add value to secure clergy and parishoners in the US:

1) Security check devises to detect and screen weapons such as the one's found at most airports should be acquired.

2) Reviewing teams constituting the ushers board to include, trained police and army officers both active and retired.

3) Every church member must be security and safety concious and report suspects to appropriate authorities.

4) Suspected patients of depression with sigs of violent activities must be subjected to counselling sessions.

5) Clergy, leaders and members must avoid to discuss personality issues in sermons,teachings and announcements.

I beg your pardon if the above are not applicable to your situations.


-- Anonymous, March 15, 2005

Bro. Ray, thank you for bringing up this timely issue. We do need to consider security. I too had someone disrupt our service, a first time visitor who was mentally disturbed. He began waving his arms and shouting obsenities during the service. I asked him to leave.

It took 10 minutes of cursing before he left. I praise God for my male trustees and steward who positioned themselves to protect me and my daughter.

My church meets in a art center, it is a beautiful space, but the rest of the building is empty.

On that day no one had a cell phone.

I was deeply saddened to hear about the incident in wisconsin.

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2005


I think this is the 2nd incidence of this kind in less than 6 months.

In Indy there was an institution for the mentally challenged that was closed down. Many of the residents were left homeless. Many of these people are walking the streets. They are not protected, and unfortunately the churches are not protected.


-- Anonymous, March 15, 2005

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