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My '03 R1 was just stolen, and I'm thinking I should replace with a bike I REALLY want, as it's just as annoying having a "disposable" bike stolen as one I'd cherish. Besides, I suspect the MV has a lower theft rate, being that there's a smaller market for used parts and it's easier to spot in a crowd if someone's riding it stolen.

so, wise MV owners:

Is it more or less fragile than a Ducati? I had an M750 that just couldn't handle my abuse. I'll be nicer to this bike. ;-) But I've been loving the Yamaha's reliability.

Any clues on actual theft rate for these bikes? I live in a condo in Los Angeles, and my next bike will sleep with a "bike brace", as this one was taken from my garage, while chained to a short post.

Is it true I have to sacrifice my first born child (a Vespa actually, haha) to the Factory if I crash it and need parts? Not like I'm gonna crash it, I managed to keep the R1 upright for 2 years, in spite of how much fun I had on it, and fear that Murphy's law may cause me to crash the bike with the more expensive parts.


-- Susanna Schick (, March 14, 2005


p.s. I'm looking to buy an 2002-4 F4 750, ideally in solid silver,

mono or bi-posto doesn't matter.

-- Susanna Schick (, March 14, 2005.

Reliability seems not a big issue, most important is that you and the mechanic live by the rules. Expensive might be hub replacement because of wrong torque settings with ajusting the chain. And at 36000km a hub maintance replacement may cost you more than similar thing on R1, as the parts are not so common as for Japanese bikes.

-- hb (, March 14, 2005.

The MV is not a japanese bike. Those bikes can withstand anything. And they're cheap to fix. The MV is fun, gorgeous, an rides beautifully. But the parts are expensive. I really don't think you'll have any problems with it, but if you do, get ready to unload your wallet.

-- Brett (, March 14, 2005.

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