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i've desinged an industrial oven that heats using a PID controller. However, I am not the end user. While the end users require a high degree of acuracy in temperatures--which the PID provides--they only use between 6-8 different temperature setpoints throughout the day.

I would like to provide a solution found on most phones or car radios--presets. but, i am not having much luck finding a source of such a device that will work with my current setup (or if worse comes to worse--a replacement PID that is easy to set--i.e. one-button easy)

can anyone recommend a source for such an external 'box' that would essentially provide 6-8 'one-touch buttons' by which setpoints could easily (easily* means easily by the enduser's definition) be made and chosen. IME this solution will have to be no more difficult than setting a phone or car radio preset--which excludes my current PID controller.

thanks for any assistance.

-- james cecorn (slackering@hotmail.com), March 09, 2005

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