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St. Mary's College (which included high school, as did SI and SH back then) used to be out on Mission Street (the present site of St. Mary's Park).

In 1889 the college split for Oakland. !?! Later they moved to their present location in Moraga.

For the majority of the students, who were boarders I believe, this was no big problem, but to the townies---from the working class Mission---who attended St. Mary's it must have been devastating.

I am researching a fella who attended St. Mary's until he was 15 in 1889 and the school closed. Neither SI nor SH have any record of him transferring to their schools. Neither Christian Brothers in Sacramento nor St. Mary's in Moraga have been able to help.

Does anybody have any insights into finding out what happpened to all the local lads from St. Mary's in 1889?


-- Tom Ryan (, March 09, 2005

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