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There have been a few questions asked on ships. I have referred people to The Maritime Project website. The full name is The Maritime History Project''''lots of information...great website

-- rosemarie garman (, March 07, 2005


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I've used this site before, it has some real neat stuff. Sad, you refrence this site two days after Dianne put it on the market. Hopefully, with our support, she can continue with her project. Any rich Fat Cats out there will to put up some dough to make it happen?

Maritime Heritage Site for Sale

March 5, 2005

We are seeking underwriting for The Maritime Heritage Project. Although we do not want to do so, we will also consider selling the site.

The site has been growing since inception eight years ago. Approximately 14,000 hours have been invested to bring it to this stage, and there is quite a bit more that can be done -- all available passenger lists have not yet been uploaded. While The Maritime Heritage Project was initially set up as a non-profit California corporation, grants have never been requested and with the exception of a soft-sell request for donations, little has been done to develop it into a money-making proposition, which obviously is possible, although we prefer presenting the information at no cost to anyone. The site has proven valuable to researchers, educators, students, geneaologists, historians, etc.

To my knowledge, there is no other site on West Coast Shipping that goes into the type of detail as does The Maritime Heritage Project. Not only it this site in honor of my Great Great Grandfather, James H. Blethen, it is to recognize and honor the contributions of shipping companies, ships and captains, and the people who braved sailing in the early days of passenger ships. These journeys were difficult and dangerous.

Hundreds of eMails are received each month extending thanks for the work done and information provided, and/or asking for additional information. More than one person has written saying that they have found relatives on this site that they have been trying to locate for several years. One English gentleman said he'd been searching for 30 years and found his ancestor on this site.

Should you wish additional information, please eMail me at

Thank you for any consideration.

I will pray that I find other means of passing through this uncomfortable stage because I don't really want to let the site go.

-- strange (, March 07, 2005.

One last attempt at a good link

-- strange (, March 07, 2005.

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