Withholding paycheck on payday

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I work a rotating work schedule(4 on, 2 off). Sometimes our days off fall on payday. We normally pick up our checks at the front desk after a set time(1:00pm)on payday. Sometimes our supervisor schedules an inservice meeting at that time for our department, but not mandatory(they don't want to pay the time). Recently the supervisor has taken to collecting our checks from the front desk and holding them, requiring those of us that are not working that day to come to our workarea and sit through the inservice before we can collect our check and interfering with our own personal activities on our days off(like getting to the bank, paying bills and picking up the kids from school). My question: Is this legal? Thank you, Dan A. Osborn

-- Dan Alan Osborn (daosborn@comcast.net), March 06, 2005

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