God created light on the first and fourth days?

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To get to the point my one non-Christian friend is arguing with me saying that the Bible contradicts itself in Genesis where it says that on the first day God said let there be light but on teh fourth day he created the sun and moon. He asks how can God create something again on the fourth day.

Any ideas to help me out please?

thanks Mark

-- Anon (-none@none.none), March 04, 2005


I am not sure exactly how the stroy goes, but if that is true, it really doesn't affect Catholicism. It only affects biblical fundamentalism.


-- Tim K. (tk4386@juno.com), March 04, 2005.

Anon, you should ask your friend if he thinks that billions of Jews and Christians, across thousands of years, were such dunces that they all somehow overlooked an error in the very first book of the Bible.

Ask him if it isn't more likely that one can reconcile the two verses of Genesis 1.

Why is it so hard to understand that God created all light (in general) at first, but then later created the specific celestial bodies that we call "sun" and "moon." Even atheistic evolutionists probably argue that the first light existed before the solar system.

-- (hesnotso@bright.org), March 04, 2005.

it especially makes sense if you take the perspective that God created the world through the big bang and evolution theories... which seems to be a very rapidly growing belief.

namely, our sun and moon are not particularly old in comparison to the rest of the galaxy. it is quite logical then that much light existed before our sun was created.

-- paul h (dontSendMeMail@notAnAddress.com), March 04, 2005.

I recently read a very interesting book titled The Science of God. The author is Gerald Schroeder. He addresses this and other issues. This was a very interesting read.


-- Dewey (dewey@yahoo.com), March 07, 2005.

Thank you (and God) for your answers. I've always gotten really satisfactory answers on this board, sometimes being almost brought to tears of joy coz I worried I'd get a fuzzy answer like some people give me, and am thankful for your continuos support.

God bless, Mark

-- Anon (-none@none.none), March 07, 2005.

The pleasure is ours, "Mark Anon." I really enjoy helping someone out.

-- (hesnotso@bright.org), March 07, 2005.

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