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I have many files on my PC that are said to be DVD rip files ( i am not sure what this means, I am guessing it means they came from a DvD file and changed into another format?)

Anyways more to the point, I want to burn these files to DVD/CD to be watched on my DVD player. Using nero 6 i can make them into a VCD and get them onto 2 CDs but the quality is rubbish and unacceptable to veiw. Or i can burn them to 4 CDs as a SVCD. Quality is good but takes 4 disc s which is a little too many when it comes to storing them but is acceptable if it is the only option I have to maintain quality.

What would u advice I could do to get as good as quality as they are on my PC, and if I can on less discs. Is it possible to burn them to DVD dics to watch on my DVD player?

-- Dan (, March 04, 2005


If you have DVD rips, I would guess that they have an extension of . AVI? If they have an extension of MPG, it's a lot easier to do what you want.

Go to and look in the DVD-R section. You're going need to familiarize yourself with a lot of terms and tools, but you can get very high quality results if you're starting with a good source.

-- Bryan (, March 05, 2005.

thxs mate i ave tried the method out layed on the website, but ave ran into a problem.

I followed the walk through step by step except wen encoding i had to use low resolution wiv TMPGenc codec to make it fit onto disc. This worked fine and i finished up with two files one for the video and other audio as expected.( No subtitles required).

So i follow the IFOEdit steps for DV authoring. But wen i actually start this process i get the error message (think it says something like cannot read this file but i am not 100% sure). When i try this again the program crashes.

Any ideas i need to sort this problem fast before 12th march since from then i will ave no internet.

-- Dan (, March 08, 2005.

I have also tried version 0.97 and 0.96 of IFOEdit and no luck still. Also i found to try and change the program to b used wiv win2000 wen i looked up problems wiv this program crashing. I use XP but some 1 else had similar problem to me with the programing crashin and changing it to win200 by right clickin on the program and selecting properties win2000 solved it for him despite the fact he used winXP.

-- Dan (, March 08, 2005.

You have two options. Get a program called SpruceUp! from and use it to make DVDs out of the resulting files. Spruce is pretty easy to use. The version on Afterdawn is a trial, but is fully functional.

Or, grab a program like VCDEasy and make VCDs from your files. There are other programs that do this as well.

-- Bryan (, March 08, 2005.

I have been tryin to get xidv format files to DVD, and i am using the newbie guide on this website.

It doesnt say how to (just say it for peeps that know wta they r doing) the "low resolution" option or "16:9" but i can only use low resolution to get the file down to below 4.7GB to fit on a DVD disc. Only problem wiv this of course is that most of my files have a higher resolution than this option supports. Since TMPGenc codec is all about quality, any advice on how i can stop the file being so big and b able to use the other options to get a higher resolution? (Some of my files are only 700mb DVDrip Xivd files yet they still seem to make a file that wont fit onto a 4.7GB disc aless i use low resolution.)

( I did try this lower resolution for one of my lower res files but the sound file didnt work so i used virtualdub to create a .wav file which worked. Also the video file that came out claimed to b only 30mins long on using all media players yet wen i pld the movie it was clearly the whole length...... to add to my worrys wen i went to DVD auth the file it made was longer, with like 3hours of nothing, so i hae id to cut this last bit of blackness out? ANY WAY OF PREVENTING THIS IN THE FUTURE?) My main aim is to get the files on to a 4.7GB disc wiv out loosing quality. Wat am i doing wrong?

Sorry for the long post just that i will not have the internet in a few days time so i want to get the process workin to it full potential before then. And thxs alot in advance for any form of help.

-- Dan (, March 09, 2005.

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