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Hi I am a 14 year old male who suffered from a fractured ankle in 3 places. When I was training at wrestling practie. I was in severe pain and did not try to walk on it . I went for an X-Ray that night and thats when they told me about my ankle. I had surgery done the very next day and 4 screws were put in my ankle to hold the bones in place. It has been about Four weeks since surgery and I am out of a cast and in a cane -walker I have been out of school for 4 weeks. The Doctor told me that the swollen will be there for about 3 or 4 months. I am in a little pain only when I try to flex my foot up and down. When will I be able to play my activties again and will my foot bother me later down the road? When will the pain ease away? Thank you Ryan Bunda

-- Ryan Bunda (, February 28, 2005

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