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Brothers and Sister On Thursday Evening the three year old nephew of the Rev. Dr. Leonard Santucci died tragically. Jason Bell was found, by Dr. Santucci drowned in a swimming pool. This young child had spent most of his "Child-Care" days at the Santucci home where the family provided care for the infant. This is indeed a most devastating loss to the family and I ask for your prayers for Rev.Dr. Santucci and his family.

Thanks You and may God Bless You

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2005


Rev. Santucci, please accept my condolences to you and to your family. Your beloved Jason is now your guardian angel Jason. May the local AMEC family be both comforter and comforted at this time, leaning on and trusting in God to see each one through.

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2005

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