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I am building a layout after several years away from the hobby. I have tried to keep up to the changes but still not sure what system to use. I know that I want to go to DCC. I have heard a lot of positive feedback regarding the new MRC Prodigy Advance. It's suppose to be simple to use and maintain. I'm no expert when it comes to electrical so it has to be simple! I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used it whether the comments are positive or negative.


-- Dale Armstrong (sniper56@shaw.ca), February 26, 2005


Have the PA unit and it is a breeze. Never used any other systems so I cannot offer comparisons. I moved up from the regular prodigy. Wiring the track is no different than any other dcc system. I only had to plug in the main bus wires to the advance and away I went. Have had no problems with the system or compatability issues with different decoders. You can accomplish advanced programming if you wish, but I recommned keeping it simple to start. Still learning CV stuff here and it is not needed to get going.

My layout isnt that big nor do I run more than 2-3 locos at a time, but the output amps are probable low for a big operation.

The only personal slight negative I have is that the display on the handheld is not illuminated. Nightime operations require me to use a little penlight to see the display when needed. No big deal though.

This system suits my needs 100 percent.

-- Dan Ferrick (dtferrick@msn.com), February 27, 2005.

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