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Did Edgar Allen Poe recieve any fame, awards, or any other type of recognition forr his work?

What or who inspired this poet?

Did the poet impact society? If yes, how so?

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2005


Yes he did start gaining fame for his writing but he never really took off like he should have but at his height was a respected and recognized man. The Raven was real popular though

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2005

Key works that propelled Poe's fame" "Ms. Found in a Bottle" magazine contest winner helped launch Poe's story career.

The Raven" the single biggest poetic hit coming from America established Poe as a leading poet.

"The Gold Bug" won a contest and helped set the seal on Poe's innovations in mystery fiction.

The money and the rewards were very little, the public consequences much larger as boosts. And for all that Poe's other works in time showed their own merit with or without these particluar recognitions. "The Raven" is the longest enduring in retaining most of its instant and effective popularity.

Poe's inspiration was intensely personal, his influences many. Where they joined together was in the help of women whom Poe subsequently lost, a mentor like Mrs. Stanard herslf becoming a prime figure in Poe's poetic ideal"To Helen") much more than a mere elegy. Poe's education abroad and in good schools brought him many literary influences, especially the Romantic poets of Europe like Byron, Shelley, Moore and Coleridge.

Poe became- like any great writer- put into a special place in the hearts of the people. Poe made literature in the new America a more honest and American enterprise, especially with his critical essays and own exemplary accomplishments. His chief impact, like the chief focus of all his endeavors was in literatrure- his ideas and innovative works foounding almost a separate literary movement abroad in the French symbolists and all subsequent writers who put the pre-eminence on beauty and imagination over cold meaning.

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2005

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