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Hello all,

I am a Catholic who was raised in the Catholic Church and spent 12 years in Catholic Schools. I fell away from the Church in my teen years (imagine that!) because of a priest that I did not care for (he took the place of a very beloved priest and friend) and my unwillingness to go to another Catholic Church. I married a Methodist in a Methodist church but had a priest co-celebrate the marriage. Since then my wife has tried to go to my Church but has found it difficult to understand (she really did not go to church that much as a child). We baptized our daughter Catholic and now have another child on the way. The problem is; we have been going to my wife’s Methodist church and she really likes the Pastor (he is a very good and spiritual man) however I would like to go back to either my old Parish or another Catholic Church in my town. What would I need to do to get back into the good graces of the Church and convince my wife to come to Church with me? I believe that Church is best when attended as a family so I do not want us to each go to our separate Church. I also want the new baby baptized Catholic and to receive the Sacraments like I did. I would also like for my wife to convert to Catholicism and raise the entire family as Catholic. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

Big Dave

-- Big Dave (, February 22, 2005



-- bump (, February 22, 2005.

Big Dave, I commend you for wanting the Church.

Your situation is relatively easy. You can come back to the Church by the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Just give a good confession and do what the priest tells you to do.

Theologically, the Methodist Church is closer than a lot of other protestant churches.

My recommendation is to enroll in an RCIA class at your local parish. Since you have been away from the Church, the class will help you.

Ask your wife to go along with you just to learn more. Maybe you can appeal to her intellectual side. When she learns why the Church does certain things, it may appeal to her.

There is a book, "This is Our Faith". It is used in a lot of RCIA classes. You might see if she will read it.

But, even if she does not want to go to the Catholic Church, you go. If you are loving and very, very patient, I'll bet she'll wind up coming with you.

God bless you on your journey.

-- john placette (, February 22, 2005.


Thank you for your quick response to my post. Your answer went right along with what I was thinking of doing. Is the book you refer to “This Is Our Faith” by Michael Pennock? If this is the one, then I will order it from and read it. I thank you again friend.

Best Regads,

-- Big Dave (, February 24, 2005.

From someone who no longer practices his faith:

The Anglicans left the Cathoilic Church, the Methodists left the Anglican Church.

So Methodists are the lite version of Catholic lite, which are the Anglicans.


-- Karl (, February 25, 2005.

Big Dave, Our prayers are with you.

Good post John.

-- Davis (, March 02, 2005.

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