Where to put rom files in alphadmame / non-GUI interfaces? Also, where to find win69

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I'd like to view a playback, so I downloaded the corresponding version of MAME (alphadmame-067-2, non-GUI). Unlike MAME32, there is no place to put ROM files, so I can't figure out how to play a game through alphadmame - much less view a playback! Within the alphadmame folder there is the application file, the configuration file, and 3 text files (that don't appear to help for my problem). I imagine both the .inp file and the game ROMS need to be placed somewhere in this folder. Thanks for your help. I'll be sure to update you on the next problem I encounter, heheh.

By the by, does anyone know where I can find a version of win69? I'm 2 days new to the mame/marp world and the only site I know of to download such things is at marp.retrogames. However, the link to that version of MAME, and ones similar, is broken.

-- Matt Troup (foreversublime@hotmail.com), February 19, 2005

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