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Hi: January 28th, 2005 I slid on ice, lower left leg bent in direction it shouldn't have and snapped. Both the tibia and fibia have a spiral break a few inches above the ankle. The following morning I had surgery with a steel rod inserted and screwed to bones. After five days in the hospital I was released. Guess I was being optimistic thinking I would return to work soon. After 3 weeks it still hurts, I can't drive, walk, am in a wheelchair. I want to know about your experiences and how long it took to get back to work, back to driving and walking. Thanks to all who respond. Colleen

-- Colleen (, February 18, 2005


Colleen, Im not far behind you my tibia and fibia broke on 2/06/05.They set my leg in a cast but the bones separated again.On 2/21/05 i had the same surgery as you with the rod and screws at the top and bottom.It seems like the best thing to do is exercise it right now even though it can be painfull at times.They told me to put some weight on it also.Have you made any progress since you wrote this? Thanks, Bill

-- Bill (, March 04, 2005.

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