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hey guys, this is a strange question, but maybe someone out there can answer it

ok, i bought this a video cd when i try to play it in my pc the pc cannot encode this video cd heres the problem, when i went to go see if the cd worked, it said it was not compadible with windows. being curious, i check the propertys of the disc and it ended up saying "file system: RAW" now, i know its suposted to say "file system: CDFS"

so i guess my question is, how can i make the cd image come out with the CDFS file system and play the movie is ther any movie player can read this vcd disc thanks everyone, hope i get the problem solved thanks a lot plsssss hellp

-- kris ryan bayna (, February 17, 2005


Can you play it on a standalone DVD or VCD player? If yes, then you have a copy protected VCD and that's why your PC can't play it. If you can't play it on a standalone player, then maybe it wasn't made correctly.

Copy protection mechanisms work because PCs and standalone players read media differently and they use tricks to fool PCs into the reading the disc incorrectly so it can't be played or copied. If you can play it, you can copy it, so they make sure it can't be played on a PC. There are a lot of programs out there to deal with copy protected audio CDs. Maybe someone has made one to deal with copy protected VCDs.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 18, 2005.

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