I turned an RMVB file into an avi file! It plays on my DVD Player with no sound!?

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Hello I have turned an RMVB file into an avi using EO Video.. I burned it onto a videocd.. I played it in my DVD Player the picture shows up but no sound can anyone tell me what I need to do thanks Rashidi

-- Rashidi Wilson (kwi8674417@aol.com), February 17, 2005


Chances are you converted the file to a MPEG-1 file, and not an .avi, unless you have one of the more recent players that can play an XVID/ DIVX file.

I would guess that you either had the sound disabled in EO Video, or if you converted it to a VCD, you had MP3 chosen instead of MP2. Grab a program called "GSpot Codec Appliance" version 2.5, and open your video file with it. Post the results and we'll work from there.

-- Bryan (gryps-innocens@gryphon.zzn.com), February 19, 2005.

not true. u need to use EO video to rip the SOUND from the rmvb to a WAV file. then rejoin the RMVB video file with the WAV file using TMPGEnc.

-- Zemus (none@ofyourbusiness.com), March 09, 2005.

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