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I'm totally new to this, but I'm wondering, Magix seems to be a low cost way to convert a burn avi files to vcd. I've kinda narrowed it down to 2, Movies on CD & Dvd 2005 and Video Deluxe 2.0 Plus. Both have gotten mixed customer reviews, but other professional reviews all seem positive. Does anyone have any recommendations in the <$50 price range?

-- Reuben Franklin (, February 17, 2005


TMPGenc ( Nothing beats TMPGenc for converting to VCD. Look at VCD forums at places like and and you'll see plenty of people using TMPGenc and maybe nobody using the programs you mentioned.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 18, 2005.

Magix is buggy, but a decent program for editing, once all the bugs are patched. Root is right, tho. TMPGEnc is the best low-cost encoder, no question.

-- Bryan (, February 22, 2005.

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