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Wil make this short as dpossible. I work for a family business... there are very ill feelings in this family towards one another. 3 brothers once worked all together. Since mom & pop have passed away, 2 of the brothers wanted out of the family business to go their own way.... With the reading of the will, it states that any brothers who still are working at the family business retain the business. Of course this upset the 2 brothers who opted out before mom & pop passed away.... Ok, everything is ensuing in a legal battle, in court, everything is locked up in probate court due to the 2 brothers contesting the will.

1 of the brothers who opted out now wants part of the business & property. He is going as far as telling other family members, customers & attorneys, that the company stole all of mom & pop's money, etc....

But he is also saying that I personally have stolen money, (I'm the accountant)and that I'm having an affair with the owner....

Even tho my boss, & my husband, knows this is entirely untrue, what if it makes it to court? He has already told others.... Can I sue?

This has caused additional stress along with possibly losing my job if he courts award in favor of the 2 brothers & they get to have part of the family business. My boss says he will shut it down, before he pays his brothers a red cent?

What doI do?


-- KAT MOMBERG (SHEEBE29@AOL.COM), February 17, 2005

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