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I'm a 43 y/o male who is scheduled for THR at the end of March. Born with dysphasia, I've had osteotamies on both my L & R hip when I was 12-13 yrs of age. Over the past six months I've been working hard to strengthen my joint with physical activity (low impact). I've had some success. I'm in much less pain, and have gained some mobility. I think I can go longer, given my recent level of pain, but not happy with my mobility. Still walking slowly: avoiding slippery conditions: can't run, bike, or walk long distances without a lot of discomfort. Some days I feel as though I should postpone, others, I don't. It's coming down to crunch time, and I'm not yet fully committed...Any advise?

-- Nick Griseta (, February 10, 2005

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