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Seaman`s Society For Children & Families phone 1-718-447-7740 at 25 Hyatt St Staten Island, NY 10301 are not there to help you in any way Only help break up families get & into youíre life there is no child care or baby siting at 25 Hyatt Street look around there no class room or baby sitters there are only people with there kids taken away Donít be a fool asking for help there & If youíre kids are removed donít think this agency would help reunite your family three years of BULL SHIT you are told everything ok but when you get to family court these bustards are not on your side inviting family members to the court just hear lyes to turn family members against you When there not a part of your family court case family not taking the Staten Island Family Court stand as I was told by my court appointed lawyer anyone could sit in family friends next door neighbors just to help make you life miserable and turn people against you hearing all these lyes & even if you have programs to go to you will not be helped in any way by the social worker assigned to work with you Seaman`s Society for Children & Families will try over and over to break up marriage, boyfriend, or girlfriend seek help outside from Seaman`s Society remember they are going to family court against you & donít trust family friends next door neighbors Administration for Children Services will pay or talk to people to find out about you and keep a close eye on you if you have a job for get it the visits to see your kids will be a problem along with the programs asked to Finnish Thinking of having another baby forget it the baby will be taken as long as you have an open Family Court case at 100 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10301 Phone: (718) 390-5460/5461 Fax: (718) 390-5247 & add three more years of your kids in foster care & Having supervised visits the Seaman`s Society for Children & Families social worker is looking at what you do with your kid to twisted the hold story around in family court farther or mother rolled the ball to far, did not feed the baby the proper way did not ask for bib, made the baby cry because the baby in foster care and you lose your parenting rights & during this time you will be told to leave your spouse your kids are told off the wall things about you and your kids get mad and tape recorded and taped is sent to Staten Island Family Court so the judge could hear to help support your fake & phony neglect case & you will be told to have your spouse arrested on phony charges This is the only way to get New York City Section 8 apartment and stay away from you spouse for a year and everything would be ok & Court Appointed lawyers are not on your side same goes for hospitals next door neighbors family friends & Administration For Children Services Field Office 350 St. Marks Place, 5th Floor Staten Island, NY 10301 Phone: 718-720-2765 is very power full your`e word means nothing in Family Court ACS word is law every one involved or you no is told to go against you your court appointed lawyer, family, friends. Phony Neglect charge is bad but lose family friends work is worse Donít get me wrong there are some Staten Island Family Court cases are real but some are phony just living with spouse or boy friend and girl friend not reporting to New York City Human Resource Administration or New York City Section 8 or other city agencies not reporting you are living together or extra income is good enough to put you into the Staten Island Family Court system on phony neglect charges to find out about you how you are living and income ADVICE find a program outside of Seaman`s Society you don`t have to go for the rest of your life and the main goal is not leaving you spouse thatís the only thing you are going to hear at Seaman`s Society go to programs find something fast and quick something you will get a certificate when finished Seaman`s Society is a ongoing program or help & think they are not on your side in Staten Island Family Court how could they help only to mess up your life & Now Parenting Class is ok at Administration For Children Services but chance are you will not be told where to go but it`s classes are right in the St` Marks Building Dawn Picone is the teacher. Domestic Violence Class, drug Program & counseling Connie is good if you could put up with her bull shit New Horizon 322 New Dorp Lane 718-979-9768 a certificate is given I HOPE THIS INSIDE INFORMATION WAS HELP FULL

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2005

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