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I'm new to DCC & just purchased a Prodigy Advance DCC System. I installed a MRC AD350 decoder in a Proto 2000 engine that has a headlight & MARS light. I can get the headlight to turn on & off but I can't get the MARS light to come on. The MARS light worked fine before I installed the decoder in it. I had no problem getting the engine to run. Would appreciate any help someone might have on this problem. Thanks much.


-- Ken Hamilton (, February 08, 2005


First, make sure that the mars light is wired to solder tab 4 on the decoder, and the second wire is wired to blue common. If already wired up correctly, try the F-4 button to activate the mars light.

If it still does not work then place the engine on a programming track. You have to turn on this extra function for the decoder to operate the mars light. Go to program on the program track, scroll through the settings without making any entries until you get to the CV# field.

When you see the CV # enter the number 64 and hit enter. Then enter a value of zero, and hit enter. This should turn on the special lighting effect for the mars light. the F-4 button should turn the mars light on and off then.

-- Dan Ferrick (, February 09, 2005.

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