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hey guys, i just purchased a knew prodigy advance system. i brought it home and had it up and running in just a few minutes. i have to say, it has all the big features, plus a great LCD read out and its really easy to use. my question is this..... im wanting to add 3 cab fascia panels so i can daisy chain them and im wondering what type to use. i ordered some for my NCE PHP a while back, but they are too small for the Prodigy to plug into. does anyone out there know where and what type i need for this system? thanks for all the help

-- steve manchester (, February 08, 2005


The answer is if you use more than 3 cabs or you want to install the cab jacks around your layout, you need to use MRC Prodigy Advance Extension Plates (item no. 0015001). With those plates you can easily install Cab jacks all around the layout. The base unit is able to power 6 cabs. After that, for every 5 cabs you need a special extension plate with a built in power supply (item no. 0015002) to boost power for cabs. This item from what I understand must be ordered directly from MRC.

-- Victor Mangiota (, March 04, 2005.

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