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Tried Quitting Before? Maybe once, maybe more... You started out feeling the time was right, but for whatever reason, you're smoking again. Now, you're asking whether it's worth it to try quitting again. You bet it is! Quitting is hard, but don't give up! Some smokers try a number of times before they quit for good. Studies show that each time you try to quit, the more likely you will be to eventually succeed. With each try, you are better able to know what helps and what hurts. Any attempt to quit is a step in a healthier direction. There are no magic solutions for quitting smoking. But, if you are ready to quit, effective treatments are available that can help reduce the urge to smoke. Studies show that almost everyone can benefit from these nicotine and non-nicotine replacement therapies.. So, here’s an advice, the easiest and possible way to quit smoke. Nosmoq the easiest and possible real herbal treatment of smoking for just 4 to 7 days.. It was the all natural cigarette that has already helped thousands of smokers. The easily stop smoking worldwide program was incredible and in a 1 week habit of smoking, poison release from your body and back to 0% nicotine free. It was incredible and it worked. With nosmoq, you could almost feel your body cleansed of nicotine within the first couple of days. As an added plus, you have actually lost weight since you stopped smoking.


-- Anonymous, February 07, 2005


What the hell was all that this is not a poem site it a question site and sorry to say but that was a lode of shit just stating the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2005

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