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My both sons are married -one was married by a White Robed Monk in CA and the other by a Reverand of Non Denominational Faith...both sons have newborn children and would like to have them baptized in the Catholic church. We were going to have a double baptism with the same Godmother for both whom is a practicing catholic, but the godfather's are of different religions....will this be a problem?

-- Rosemary Hekl (, February 07, 2005


The person of a different faith will not be considered a "godparent". A godparent (or baptismal sponsor) must be a Catholic. However, if you have one Catholic godparent (which is the minimum requirement), the non-Catholic party can participate in the ceremony as an officlal baptismal "witness", but not actually as a godparent.

-- Paul M. (, February 07, 2005.

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