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Hi all, Can some one help me please finding 20 bibliography of the mask of the red death by edgard allan poe I will be soooooo greatfull, thank'S for each help

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2005


Try the general bibliography at the same site links to Poe Studies where there are some articles online, I doubt there are twenty specific articles and I likewise doubt the library magazines and books in paper can provide that high a number. In addition the subscription to online resources at schools and public libraries can be accessed for articles. Often you can ask them for the password or use the library computers.

The later editions of the tale prefer the spelling "Masque" with its more deliberate link of the mask with the formal celebration of Masque, costume ball with symbolic theme representations. For additional references outside of Poe and the tale the term Masque can be looked up and its medieval and Renaissance meanings(which is also the general setting for the tale). Poe rarely is serious about allegory and the use of the Masque bridges his natural aversion to direct symbols and the overt supernatural.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2005

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