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I have had 3 scheduled operations for TKR and had to be cancelled due to my surgeon saying I had a full blown UTI. I have had 2 urologist tell me there is no infections from the test they did. However, on the morning of the surgery, the hospital does blood work and urine test. This is the results my surgeon is using. I was told by my PCP doctor that I do have contamination (pus cells)and this is not a infection. He will not tell me that he does not want to do it. I am going to see another surgeon and get another opinion. Is this normal? Does this contamination really interfers with having my knee replaced? I never had any sympyoms of a UTI. My surgeon said that if he does the surgery, I could have a lot of problems if there is an infection. He mentioned about a couple of cases where there was an infection involved and what happened to the patients. He really scared me. I lost confidence in him and am afraid to have the surgery now. I had my right knee done 4 years ago by another surgeon. He is no longer practicing in our area. I did not have any problems then. Now that I am reseaching information on the internet I don't know what to do. My surgeon did refer me to the second urologist for another opinion. In the mean time, I am in pain and not able to do a lot of walking. I do go to work everyday, but most of the time is spent home because I do not like going anywhere and having a problem getting around.

-- Carmella Amber (, February 01, 2005

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