Union Secretary harrassed by group of members on the job and off

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I work as a secretary for a large union. I pay dues just like everyone else. I have a small group of men that are not at top pay, one ran for office and lost, then accuse me of campaigning against him, then I have had threatning letters sent to my home, half truths sent out by US mail to certain members to cause angry feelings and now I find out this is really big because a local lodge officer that I work for (I have 10) got involved with a young lady and wants her closer to him so now I'm being told that pressure has being put on me to quit so she can take over my job. I have been there 14 years she has only been there three. I am single and have two children to put throught college and can't afford to quit. Thanks

-- WP (pjwiamsec@aol.com), January 29, 2005

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