i was an independent contractor, fired for making disparaging remarks

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i was an employee of the Online Auction Academy, then i terminated my employment and was rehired as an independent contractor.

i took my computer home and did the same exact job, just from home.

recently, the company demanded that i only spend a certain amount of time on each project. i explained that this was impossible, and then offered solutions to make everyone (company, customer, and myself) happy. my solutions went ignored.

i posted "disparaging remarks" on a message board about the company.

the next day they fired me and threatened to sue.

now--i am totally confused after reading up on independent contractor law. my understanding is that they cannot fire an Ind. Contractor if the job is being done well--which it most certainly was.

i'm unsure of what steps to take. whether i should confront the IRS with my possible misclassification, or take some other legal action.

also--the company is refusing to pay me until they have received all pertinent company information in my possession. i returned said information the day they "fired" me. they claim i have not sent all the information.

it's been 8 days since i was terminated, and still no paycheck.

advice? thoughts?

thanks! lisa

-- Lisa Simpson (lisatsimpson@yahoo.com), January 27, 2005

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